TL 500 AC Electric Tow Tractors, 3- or 4-wheeled vehicle for small spaces

 TL 500 AC electric tow tractors are developed for driving in places with little space.

The specially developed, sharp turning steering gear makes the tractors as maneuverable as similar 3-wheeled vehicles but much more stable.

Tow and drive safely around corners with electric tow tractors

The tractors are 4 -wheeled with pull at both rear wheels.
With the TL 500 AC model you can easily tow people or trolleys around.

A typical task would be to pull trolleys at hospitals, airports or at storehouses, where a great tractive effort is not needed. The tractors are suitable for transporting goods or persons over long distances.

We offer standard models or ”custom-made” solutions to suit requirements.

TRANS-LIFT was established back in 1973 and produces vehicles for the industry. We have a wide range of standard or customized vehicles. We have our own facilities in Denmark and all of our electric vehicles are developed and serviced in Denmark.

Hent brochure TL 500 AC Leaflet

Hent brochure TL Tractors – examples

Hent brochure TL Trolleys examples



  • Hydraulic brakes. Electrical system: transistor with gas pedal. Magnetic parking brake.
  • Turning diameter: 1900 mm
  • Tractive effort: 4000 N
  • Chassis: 100x50x5 RHS.
  • Plate iron 2 mm.
  • Motor: 24 v, 3,2 Kw AC
  • Battery: 24v, 240ahp or as desired
  • Wheels: 400*8 8pr.


  • Total length: 1800 mm
  • Total width: 800 mm
  • Weight, incl. batteries: 800 kg

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