TL 250 AC – Mobile Order Picker MOP

TL 250 Mobile order picker MOP is developed for driving in places with little space.
Designed for fast and efficient order picking or for moving supplies or mail – wherever a steady and maneuverable vehicle is needed.

Efficient mobile order picker MOP

The vehicle is 3-wheeled and comparable to larger vehicles it has a great tractive effort.
The very low height above the floor makes it comfortable when working.

Standard models or “custom-made” to suit requirements.

Hent brochure TL 250 AC uk leaflet

Hent brochure TL 250 Examples



  • Engine: 24V, 1,2 Kw AC
  • Continuously variable transmission.
  • Electric “dead man’s” handle.
  • Batteries: 24V, 105ahp/5h or as desired, e.g. sealed and maintenance-free truck batteries (gel technology).
  • Wheels: 300 6pr gas rubber wheels, alternatively semi massive, puncture-free Gumasol wheels.
  • Transmission: Maintenance-free speed reducing gearbox.
  • Maintenance-free differential.
  • Drives and brakes on both rear wheels.
  • Noiseless driving.
  • Speed: up to 18 km/h


  • Platform: length: 1200 mm. width: 800 mm
  • Total length: 1900 mm or as desired.
  • Loading capacity: 600 kg.

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