TL 1000 AC – Electric Platform Truck for demanding loads

The TL 1000 platform truck has a load capacity of 1 ton.

The TL 1000 platform truck is very maneuverable due to the specially developed steering system.
The truck stands at a very low height above the floor, which makes it easy to get in and out of the cabin.

Standard models or “custom-made” to suit specific requirements.

The platform truck is great for heavy loads

Do you need to transport a demanding or heavy load across a large distance? Then this battery operated truck would be perfect for the job. The truck is extremely easy to maneuver, which makes it easy to transport heavy loads. Have a look at our selection or get your vehicle tailor made for your specific task and needs.

TRANSLIFT-VEHICLES designs customized solutions for airports, hospitals and warehouses. Our vehicles meet ergonomic and environmental standards and are designed and produced in Denmark. Our vehicles are mainly using an AC transistor regulated motor. We strive for simplicity, few spare parts and therefore low maintenance cost for our clients.

TRANSLIFT-VEHICLES was founded in 1973 and provides custommade vehicle solutions to companies and institutions within various industries. We have our own service department and can offer an annual service and maintenance agreement for your vehicle.

If you need further information about our electric vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hent brochure TL 1000 Leaflet

Hent brochure TL 1000 Examples



  • Loading capacity: 1000 kg.
  • Batteries: 24v, 160ahp
  • Engine: 3 kW AC
  • Electrical system: transistor with gas pedal.
  • Speed: 0-20 km/h, optional
  • Magnetic parking brake.
  • Hydraulic brakes.


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