TL 100 PT AC – Pallet truck for driving standing or sitting

A Danish produced pallet truck that can be operated and driven either in standing or sitting positions.

The driving is regulated via a joystick or an ergonomic maneuvering handle. The steering gear has an ergonomic correct hand wheel or handle.

Total width can be either 760 mm or as desired. Standard models or “custom-made” to suit requirements.

Hent brochure TL 100 PT Leaflet

Hent brochure TL 100 PT Examples



  • Steering/driving: Motor 24V, 1,2kW AC.
  • Electrical system: transistor speed multi-adjustable 0-12 km/h.
  • Electric ”dead man’s” handle.
  • Batteries: 24V, 105ahp/5h or as desired.
  • Maintenance-free truck batteries (gel technology).
  • Charger built in.
  • Transmission: AC driving unit, mounted in heavy thrust ball bearing.
  • Completely noiseless driving.
  • Lifting: electric hydraulic or electric actuator.
  • Capacity: 600 kg or as desired.


  • Width example: 760 mm
  • Length example: 1900 mm
  • Weight: 225 kg
  • Lift: 600 kg or customised as required,
  • Lifting height: 200 mm or custom as required, max. 1000 mm
  • Speed: according to need, max. 12 km/h

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